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Polzein Named MVHS Assistant Principal

Polzein Named MVHS Assistant Principal

By MAGGIE MCMURRAYMoapa Valley ProgressTony PolzeinA familiar face is returning to Moapa Valley High School. Former MVHS band and orchestra teacher Tony Polzien has been hired as the new vice…

Polzein Named MVHS Assistant Principal


Moapa Valley Progress

Tony Polzein

A familiar face is returning to Moapa Valley High School. Former MVHS band and orchestra teacher Tony Polzien has been hired as the new vice-principal to serve under Principal Hal Mortensen. The position was left vacant recently by the retirement of Pledger Solomon. Polzien began work at the high school on Monday, December 4.

Polzien has a long history in education, including his previous time at MVHS. He was born and raised in Healdton, OK, and graduated from high school there. Following high school, he attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University, graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree in Instrumental Music Education. From there, he went on to Oklahoma City University and began work t oward a Music Performance degree with an emphasis in French Horn.

Polzien took his first full-time teaching job as a band director in Attus, OK. He was one of four band directors and his responsibilities included teaching jazz band and being the assistant high school band director.

After teaching for three years in Attus, Polzein moved on to teach in El Reno, OK, for about a year. But while visiting Las Vegas on a vacation trip with his wife at the time, he decided he liked the area and interviewed for a job on a whim. He got the job and in August of 2000, he moved to Las Vegas to begin his Nevada teaching career.

Polzien began teaching in Nevada at Keller Middle School. For the next several years he moved around the district teaching band and orchestra at different schools.

In 2011, he came to Moapa Valley High School to serve as the MVHS band and orchestra teacher. While here, Tony also coached baseball, beginning as the assistant baseball coach and eve ntually moving to be the head baseball coach.

Polzien stayed at MVHS and taught for the next three years, but when then-principal Grant Hanevold chose to take a principal position at Sunrise Mountain High School, Tony chose to follow Hanevold to Sunrise Mountain. There he became an assistant principal over athletics and facilities. He stayed there until he was recently hired for his new position at MVHS.

When the vice-principal position was offered to Polzien, he said that he excited for the opportunity.
“I really loved my three years teaching in Moapa Valley,” Polzein said. “Growing up in a small town, all I could think about was getting out. What I didn’t realize was that I’d lost the sense of community and belonging that only a small town can bring. When I came to Moapa Valley, I found that sense again and it was really cool. When I had the chance to come back this time, I found I just couldn’t pass it up.”

Although he will be working here, Polzien is not planning to move to the valley right away. He has family ties in Las Vegas: a son from his first marriage, Brayden, that is a sophomore at Green Valley High School; and his wife, Jennifer, who is a health and PE teacher at Harney Middle School.
Polzein hopes that his wife will eventually be able to find a job in Moapa Valley or nearby so they can move to the community.

Regardless, his young son, Kaimana, will be turning six by next fall and Polzien plans for him to start kindergarten in Moapa Valley. “I really want him to start school in what I know is a good situation and that is what we have out here,” he said. “I will have to rely on the help of friends and other community members to make it work, but I know we have a great community here that can help.”

Polzien said that daily commute to the valley is far and away the worst part of the position, but everything else is great.
“I’m so excited to be back at MVHS and to be working wit h the students first and foremost, and also with the great staff,” Polzein said. “Many of the staff members are still here from when I was here before. I’m looking forward to the sense of tradition and community that this high school enjoys. I’m excited to be a Pirate again.”

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